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Toss-EX the MOM Licensed Employment Pass Agency helps in Employment Pass application process for foreign professionals who needs Work pass to work in Singapore. We have the right experience and expertise to handles the EP application process which assure increase chances of success.

Why Choose Toss-Ex?

The Employment Pass Agency provides valuable assistance to foreign professionals who wish to obtain an Employment Pass in Singapore. The agency’s expertise and experience can save time and increase the chances of success for the EP application.

Our Strength


Our commitment for long-term professional relationships with each of the businesses we work with, provide detail fact and challenges throughout the Immigration process, and if required we help to modify the strategy.

Track Record


  • Established Business
  • Experienced Professional and back-office support
  • Best business practices
  • Confidence of Process
  • Experience business management team
  • Certified staff



Industries Focus


  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Semiconductor
  • Biotechnology
Employment Pass For

Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa issued to foreign professionals, managers, and executives who are planning to work in Singapore to ensure that foreign talents are only employed for jobs that cannot be filled by locals.

Employment Pass Process​
We adher stringent process before file the Employment Pass,
first do Pre-application assessment then submit the EP application online,
Follow-up the status updates and prepare the additional Support Documents,
Appeal if require then Issue Pass and schedule MOM appointment.

Toss-Ex to Serve the Global customer better suits their need.

Toss-Ex understand customers needs, to give the most possible match.

Our company culture reflects the beliefs all equal workforce.

  • Employment Pass 90% 90%
  • Long Term Visit Pass 80% 80%
  • Dependent Pass 80% 80%
  • S Pass 70% 70%
  • Work Permit 55% 55%
Benefits of using Agency
  1. Expertise and experience: The Employment Pass Agents has extensive experience and expertise in helping to process foreign professionals to get an Employment Pass in Singapore. The agents is familiar with the MOM’s requirements and can provide guidance on the entire EP process.
  2. Time Saving: The Employment Pass Agency can save time and effort by handling the entire EP application process. The agency assures that the application is accurate and meets the MOM’s requirements, which can reduce the chances of the application being rejected.
  3. Increased chances of success: The Employment Pass Agency can increase the chances of success for the EP application. The agency can identify potential issues with the application and address them before submission, which can help to avoid rejection.
Overcome Challenges:

Our agency is committed to provide efficient services to help you navigate the process of applying for an employment pass. We understand that the application process can be complex and daunting, and our team is here to guide you through each step of the process to overcome challenges with extensive practice to face the day-to-day challenges in the business world.


Right Visa:
We profile the foreign professional’s profile and advise the suitable work visa.
Our services also extend to assisting companies who are looking to employ foreign professionals and workers in Singapore. We can help companies employment pass process of applying for employment passes for their foreign employees, ensuring that the process is smooth and hassle-free.
Employment Pass Agency

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Kailasam Vadivelu (K.Sam)

Kailasam Vadivelu (K.Sam)

Immigration Lead

Immigration advisory and strategy to our customer on Singapore Work pass matters.
Yadav Sangeeta

Yadav Sangeeta

Senior Manager

Manage the Technical Recruitment and Immigration team in Singapore.


HR Executive

Manage the Permanent Staffing and Contract Staffing for technology.

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