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Toss-EX in technical collaboration with SiSoC offers Semiconductor Technologies Design services with technical expertise in providing high quality and dependable services in Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal areas. 

We offer a spectrum of design and verification services, which includes defining specification, logic partitioning, micro-architecture, RTL coding, synthesis, developing custom and standard VIPs and verification environment development using both traditional and advanced techniques. 

Our ace team of engineers and consultants are skilled across a wide range of the most powerful modern tools, technologies and methods. We are experienced professionals in making best practices fit into existing.

Design Verification

ASIC/SoC Design verification experts

Physical Design

Floor Plan, Synthesis, CTS, IR Draw, and RDL

IoT and M2M

The solution also focus on saleable backend cloud solution

ASIC/SoC Design Verification

SiSoC Semiconductor is one of the premier design and verification experts with experience in design and cutting edge verification using the latest methodologies. SiSoC has a highly experienced team in design and verification.

Areas of Expertise

  • RTL Design of IP’s, Bridges, Glue Logic
  • RTL Integration for Sub-Systems and SOC’s
  • Architecting complex test benches using OVM, VMM and UVM
  • Test planning and scheduling using coverage driven methods
  • Verification from test plan to closure using functional coverage and code coverage
  • Scoping and planning out complex projects
  • Combining Simulation and static formal verification
  • Project management of complete projects

Languages & Methodologies

  • System Verilog, Specman, Verilog, VHDL
  • SystemC, C, C++
  • UVM, OVM, VMM, eRM
  • OVL, PSL, System Verilog Assertions


  • PCI, PCIE, Ethernet, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, OTG, SATA, AMBA, 802.11, OCP, RapidIO, SRIO, DDR, DDR2
  • Many other proprietary protocols
Our Service Offerings > Physical Design, Front End Implementation, Design For Test- Excellence, Package Design Service, Post Silicon Validation,  Supply Chain Management, Analog mixed signal design, Embedded Software design, etc

We assist you with project base technical resources expertise in IC Technology, local skilled engineers like Physical design engineer, Digital IC Design Engineers, Design Verification Engineers, WiFi SoC engineers, etc

Physical Design and Verification

Leveraging our expertise in block build/full chip development, we work on standard tools like Floor Plan, Synthesis, CTS, IR Draw, and more.

Our physical design service suite encompasses the following

  • Die-size Estimation
  • Floor Plan
  • Pad Ring & RDL
  • Partition & Budgeting
  • Power-grid
  • Low-Power
  • Block/Chip Level
  • Clocking
  • Physical Verification
DFT, Synthesis and STA

Our DFT Service suite encompasses the following

  • Scan Insertion
  • Scan Compression
  • JTAG, B-Scan
  • Physical Aware Synth
  • Timing Closure
  • SI Analysis
  • Formal Verification
  • Low-power Checks
FPGA Emulation and Validation

Our team of prowess engineers working in the  FPGA Emulation and Validation team is perfect in prototyping and emulating complex  IC designs for streamlined system debugging and software bring-up. Be it board bring up, development of test automation frameworks, error diagnosis or  system debug, our FPGA Emulation and Validation Services is the ultimate solution. Moreover, the well-led team has been receiving remarkable back talks from the semiconductor industries across the globe for System Level Testing, Signal Integrity, Bench Marking, Test Content Development and Automation.

Our FPGA Emulation and Validation Portfolio includes the following services

  • GLS
  • FPGA design
  • FPGA prototyping
  • Emulation
  • Post Silicon Validation
  • IP Validation
  • Protocol Qualification
  • Processor Based Emulation
IoT and M2M

In IoT, SiSOC provides service in architecting the solution. The solutions include development from scratch using off-the -shelf chipset or customize existing solution to reduce the cost or increase the features.
Each IoT solution focuses on having optimized & robust HW, HW/SW security, secure communication (wired/wireless). The solution also focus on saleable backend cloud solution to store and process large amount of data along.

Following are the service provided in IoT

  • Architecting the solution for industrial automation, home automation, freight management, hospital management etc.
  • PCB design for Custom made board with the perspective of reducing cost and adding special features.
  • Optimizing the hardware, firmware and software to reduce power consumption
  • Board bring up with low level driver development, porting customized operating system or scheduler and enabling interface for WiFi,
  • Zigbee and BLE
  • Porting of web service, enabling TCP/IP to connect to cloud
  • Cloud backend development with secure connection
  • Analysis of the stored date / data analytics
  • Web UI development, mobile application development for controlling the system and for viewing meaningful information to take corrective actions.
  • Testing the solution for robustness, safety and security.



SiSoC Semiconductors has been providing end to end services ranging from product conceptualization to conformance testing. SiSoC Semiconductors works in all the areas of embedded software development i.e. Board bringup and BSP, Device Drivers, Protocols, Middleware, Applications on variety of Operating systems and Devices. Data-com, Telecom,   Connectivity, Automotive, Storage.


Industries Focus

  • Information Technology
  • New Media
  • Engineering – Infrastructure & Oil and Gas
  • Semiconductor
  • Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare
  • Banking & Finance
  • Aviation
  • Fintech

Why Toss-EX?

  • MOM Licensed Agent
  • Cost & Time Saving
  • Hassle-free
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Compliant with Local Law
  • Comprehensive Support
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