New pilot scheme employment visa for high-growth tech firms:

A Pilot Scheme aimed at high-potential companies in growth areas such as digital, Medtech, Biotech, Cleantech, Agritech and Fintech.

High Growth technology firms will have the Employment Pass applications of “core team members” facilitated, to get the talents such as data science, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, and the Internet of Things (IOT) to set up new teams in Singapore, connect to Singapore’s innovation and Startup Ecosystem, and facilitate the entry of core team members.

The Tech@SG pilot programme expected to start in the fourth quarter of 2019 and will last for two years aims to help tech firms grow in Singapore and expand in the region, by giving them access to required business networks and talent. 

Advantage Tech Company and Singaporean:
Tech@SG ” give tech companies the confidence to hire the tech talent they need” but also create opportunities for Singaporeans to work in globally competitive teams alongside top engineers and entrepreneurs from around the world. With stronger tech capabilities, companies can scale up faster and seize market opportunities regionally and internationally. This new initiative will compliment talents to build a Smart Nation workforce.

Helping Employment Pass Application:
Manpower Flexibility for the applications of core team members will be provided, if needed.
Includes Considering alternative factors in the application, such as stock options remuneration.
Can consider if applicants have deep skills in place of formal academic qualifications.

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