Singapore employment visa agency will help you with Singapore employment visa or work permit, this is something important and useful information to all foreigners to know. Many foreigners intend to work in top economic countries in the world and Singapore is one of them, where foreigners looking to work, for which they must must have a valid work permit issued by the government which is known as Singapore Employment Visa or Singapore Work Permit before they start work with.

In order to get Singapore Employment Visa, there are certain things which need to be aware of. Let’s find out types of pass which will be valid to work in Singapore and how to apply for it, but always remember to take help of best singapore employment visa agency:  Singapore Employment Visa or Work Pass is divided into 3 different segment which are discussed below:

Types of Pass:

  • Employment Pass:

What is Employment Pass (EP): is a family of Singapore work visa issued by Singapore Ministry of Manpower, handling foreigners employees like: managers, owners or directors of multinational Singapore company.  Through this work visa foreigners are allowed to stay and work in Singapore territory with permission to travel in and out of the country at any given point of time.

Qualification for an Employment Pass (EP) : Foreigners who are managerial or executive willing to work in Singapore need to earn at least $3600 a month and should hold acceptable qualification certificate. Having relevant work experience with higher degree from reputed university of any country.

Remember this are few procedure to follow while applying Singapore employment visa. Singapore authorities review all foreigner candidates document before giving any approval on Employment Pass (EP).

Mandatory document to carry while going for pass are as follows:

  1. An EP application form.
  2. Updated resume copy
  • Testimonials by previous company.
  1. Latest passport size clear photograph not older than 3 months.
  2. Copy of passport
  3. Business profile copy employing by Singapore
    • Job description of current working company etc.

Singapore Employment Visa

Singapore Employment Visa Agency

  1. Singapore employment pass is for foreign professional who meets eligibility criteria like having job offer in Singapore.
  2. Only foreigner who can apply should be an employer holding valid job appointment or hire employment agent who can apply on behalf of candidate.
  3. Minimum salary not lesser than $3600 or fixed.
  4. This pass duration is upto 3y ears, later can be renewed and for new candidates is upto 2 years with no levy or quota required.
  5. Before applying this pass one should know the eligibility requirement and documents.
  6. Employment Pass form also available online.
  7. If you no longer working with Singapore organisation you are allowed to cancel employment pass or if your pass expires return the cancel pass.
  8. Before cancelling your employment pass settle all your outstanding issues like paying of the salaries etc.
  • Entry Pass: is for entrepreneurs willing to start their own new business in Singapore market.

Skilled and semi-skilled workers pass:

  1. S Pass : is for mid-skilled level candidates, required to earn at least $2200 a month with clearing required assessments.
  2. Work permit for foreigner: allows semi skilled worker gets approval to work in certain sector.

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