Toss-Ex an associate company is situated in Singapore recognized for Singapore work visa and has over 11 years of experience supporting Singapore ASEAN nations like India, Hong Kong, China and other countries like USA, UK, France, Germany etc. In the worldwide business condition, we perceive the expanding should have the capacity to convey staff for Singapore employment visa in anyplace on the planet at short notice thus we additionally offer worldwide migration benefits over an extensive variety of nations. Always perplexing enactment can drastically affect upon the arrangement capacity of organizations and we use our skill to guarantee your movement procedure runs easily wherever you are on the planet. We work with our system of qualified and expert migration team in the district to convey bespoke movement administrations to our customers locally, we are not only dealing into long-term visit pass or employment pass Singapore or any other migration journey but we are also known as Singapore Immigration Consultants believe in consulting you the best for your requirements.  In case of an unpredictable prerequisite, we can connect specifically with the general population that issue in neighborhood government keeping in mind the end goal to locate a functional arrangement. We give consultative arrangements that are intended to streamline the visa and movement process which brings about limiting dangers to your workers and business explorers inside the system of a sheltered and agreeable program. Our methodology is to address every foreigner exceptional needs. Our group of Immigration Consultants, direct an appraisal with each customer to comprehend what level of help is expected to make a fruitful movement encounter for all gatherings. Our worldwide group can deal with the majority of your movement needs with an altered arrangement that incorporates:

  • Ensuring that your representatives travel with very much arranged applications and your workers are guided on the best way to show their application
  • Provide continuous exhortation on relocation matters and real changes in worldwide movement and how it will influence representative versatility
  • Workplace consistence and hazard administration including preparing and reviews
  • Immigration bolster for the exchange of representatives from existing/new areas including senior officials, and people with expert ranges of abilities
  • Case Management and revealing including keeping up movement records, visa and work allow reestablishment following and cost following.
  • We limit your organization’s danger of punishments by going about as you confided in Immigration consultant to guarantee consistency over all administrations including.


What are the diverse kinds of Singapore work visa accessible for working in Singapore?

  • There are a few unique kinds of Employment Pass accessible for remote nationals looking to work in Singapore. The suitable classification will rely upon the workers’ sort of exercises and friend’s status. The following are the regular classifications work passes accessible:
  • Singapore Long Term Visit Pass is the most well-known classification utilized by an organization for both intra-organization exchanges and new outside contracts. This class is to provide food for Professionals, Managers, and Executives. A different sub-class known as S Pass is to cook for mid-level talented outside workers.
  • Customized Singapore Work Visa is for high-procuring outside experts who meet the acquiring prerequisite. As the PEP isn’t attached to any business, the holder is allowed to change manager without applying for another EP. The legitimacy of the PEP is 3 years and it isn’t inexhaustible.
  • EntrePass The Entrepreneur Pass is for qualified business visionaries who need to begin and work a business in Singapore. There are stringent prerequisites for this kind of pass and qualifying organizations. Certain organizations, for example, cafés, bars, karaoke bars, knead parlors and business offices are not qualified.
  • Preparing  Singapore Employment Visa This Pass is to provide food for remote workers experiencing here and now commonsense preparing in Singapore. A TEP is legitimate for 3 months and isn’t inexhaustible.
  • Random Work Pass This is to provide food for here and now assignments of up to 60 days. Models of a Miscellaneous Work Pass incorporate speakers at workshops, writers, and religious laborers.

Work Pass Exempt Activities Foreigners can work in Singapore for a brief timeframe without a work pass gave this falls under the Work Pass Exempt Activities. Precedents incorporate giving ability identifying with the review of new plant or gear and the exchange of process/activities information in Singapore. Note that the span of the exception is topped at a most extreme of 60 days or the legitimacy of the passage visa, whichever is shorter. It is additionally subjected to an aggregate of 90 days for each logbook year. A work pass is required in the event that one works past 90 days.  Work Holiday Program This is a program for qualified understudies or youthful alumni to work and occasion in Singapore for up to a half year. The work pass is issued on first start things out served premise subject to a standard of 2,000 at any one time. The Personalized Singapore Employment Pass is a unique sort of Employment Pass that isn’t attached to a particular manager. The greatest advantage of having a PEP work allows is that you can switch occupations without re-applying for another business pass gave that you are not jobless for over a half year. The greatest drawback is that you are not permitted to begin your very own organization as a PEP holder; since the pass is intended for you to be utilized by an outsider boss. The qualification prerequisites for PEP are very strict. S Pass Scheme: The S Pass is for mid-talented workers who procure a settled month to month pay of at any rate $2,200. S Pass candidates are surveyed dependent on manager’s share qualification and candidate’s capabilities. Rather than a degree, a specialized recognition is adequate for this sort of work pass. Different Work Pass Scheme: The Miscellaneous Work Pass is issued to nonnatives working in Singapore here and now assignments. All the more particularly, you will be issued a Miscellaneous Work Pass on the off chance that you are:

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