Singapore is been found to have adequately broad-based immigration laws comparatively other countries. Being foreigners If you meet the following criteria or requirements Singapore immigration law provided by a substantial Singapore immigration field under Singapore Landed Permanent Residence (LPR) visa scheme. Singapore Landed Permanent Residence visa is also allowed foreigners to bring their respective families to Singapore and stay along with them till the visa on board.

Let’s check on Singapore immigration process acceptability:

According to Singapore law if you are holding Singapore Miscellaneous Work Pass than you are not eligible for Singapore Permanent Residence Visa. Instead, foreigners can apply for Singapore Dependent Pass visa in order to get their family relocated to Singapore itself along with them that includes the major family like Spouse, unmarried children below 21-year-old can also go for Employment pass with offerings of at least S$6000 per month salary by Singapore government.

Which set of foreigners are allowed to apply permanent residency visa for Singapore:

There are a group of foreigners who can apply permanent resident Singapore work visa which is mentioned below:

  • Spouse and unmarried kids age below 20 years can submit an application for Singapore citizenship or Singapore permanent residence.
  • Senior citizen highly aged can opt for Singapore Senior Citizen visa.
  • Foreigners holding any visa among P, E or S work pass is eligible for PR.
  • Any inventors or investors to start up with enterprise within Singapore is allowed to apply PR.

The time period to get PR: Singapore is one of the fastest developing countries among the other top countries of the world where people are dreaming to settle their livelihood. Many foreigners are been found applying PR in Singapore and also been seen receiving a rejection on their PR. It’s been said its one of the lengthy process but according to us if you follow a certain process in the right manner than it should not take more than four or six months to get Singapore PR. There are such cases found where it has n=taken longer period than the usually given time frame.

Becoming a citizen of one of the tops most developing country might be difficult but not impossible. In a simpler way if you have been working in Singapore more than 2 years or married to Singaporean can legally submit the application for PR. There is a certain process to get Singapore PR: let’s check on following steps of Singapore PR:

  • Plan when you want to go for PR.
  • Check on your PR eligibility.
  • Also, plan on PR for your Spouse or unmarried kids.
  • Accordingly, you can download online PR submission form for Singapore PR.
  • Get you PR form ready with all the valid documents. And get it submitted and wait for your turn to be PR of Singapore.

There are series of Singapore immigration programme going in Singapore: One of the is the Long-Term Visit Pass which is also known as LTVP which is applicable for a common-law spouse, kids below 21years or step kid or physically challenged kid, where earning should be over and above $12,000…To know more detailed information on it …..Read More

  • The foreigners can apply for Long-Term Visit Pass only through the work visa via any visa immigration service provider. LTVP is valid up till 2 years after that it is renewable.
  • Minimum salary criteria are 6000 SGD.
  • If your holding LTVP and get work opportunity are allowed to work in Singapore.

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