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Toss-Ex Pte Ltd (License No.11C5095) assist resource in industries like Technology, Semiconductor, Life Science, Engineering & Oil and Gas Industries (Contract & Permanent staffing). Toss-EX spent time and money on developing a unique candidate search tool, which enables us to source candidates more efficiently matches the right talent.

Executive Search
  • Toss-EX specialize in recruiting high-level executives and professionals for key leadership roles.
  • We use a targeted and proactive approach to identify and attract top-tier talent.
Temporary Staffing
  • Provide temporary or contract workers for short-term projects or to cover temporary gaps in staffing.
  • Can be a solution for immediate staffing needs without the long-term commitment of hiring full-time employees.
Contract Staffing
  • Project-based contract staffing involves hiring individuals for a specific project or a defined period rather than as permanent employees.
  • This staffing model is particularly common in industries where projects have distinct timelines and require specialized skills. 
Our Strength
Our Approach
Our Database Updated Pre screened top talent
Salary Meet the job seekers expectation.
Consider Only engage committed resources
Reach Portals, database, social media..
Metrix  60% Skills and 40% attitude
Focus Mid level to Senior Management


What is the right recruitment strategy?

Tailor your recruitment efforts to reach those specific channels either offline or online. Leverage on systems to streamline the hiring process using AI and data analytics for more efficient candidate screening.

  • Develop a structured and efficient interview process.
  • Attend industry events, conferences, and meetups.
  • Build relationships with potential candidates and professionals.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and adjust your approach.
  • Communicate clearly and provide feedback.
  • Identify where the target right candidates.
  • Identify the specific skills and expertise needed for the project.
  • Promote a strong employer brand to attract top talent.
  • Showcase company culture, values, and benefits.
  • Work on referral from candidates to attract similar candidates.
  • Ensure a positive experience throughout the recruitment process.
  • Clearly outline the objectives, deliverables, and timeline of the project.


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