Why Complementarity Assessment Framework?

The new Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) for Employment Pass (EP) applications in Singapore is a two-stage eligibility framework that has been introduced by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) as of 1 September 2023. COMPASS ensures right criteria to contribute effectively to businesses and Singapore’s workforce.

Two-Stage Eligibility Framework
Stage 1 –
Qualifying Salary: In the first stage of COMPASS, EP candidates must meet the qualifying salary requirement besides the standard requirement for EP applications. It ensures that candidates are offered competitive salaries for their positions. Only employers and employment agents can use the enhanced Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) to check a candidate’s eligibility.

Stage 2 – COMPASS Assessment: The second stage involves a points-based Complementarity Assessment (COMPASS) framework. This assessment is designed to evaluate the skills, knowledge, and expertise of EP applicants and determine their suitability for the positions they are applying for in Singapore.


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New EP Candidates:

COMPASS applies to new EP candidates starting from 1 September 2023. This means that all new EP applicants must go through the COMPASS evaluation process in addition to meeting the qualifying salary requirement.

Objectives of COMPASS:
  • High-Quality Professionals
  • Workforce Diversity
  • Building a Strong Local Core
EP qualifying - All sectors except
  • At least $5,000 for all sectors except financial services (increases progressively with age from age 23, up to $10,500 at age 45 and above)
EP qualifying salary - Financial services sector
  • At least $5,500 for the financial services sector (increases progressively with age from age 23, up to $11,500 at age 45 and above)

Enhance focuses on ensuring that EP candidates possess the right skills, knowledge, and expertise to benefit both their employers and Singapore. (Workforce diversity & Strong local talent base).

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EP Renewals

For EP renewals, COMPASS will become applicable from 1 September 2024. This indicates that existing EP holders seeking to renew their passes will also need to undergo the COMPASS assessment to continue working in Singapore.



Candidate’s fixed monthly salary is at or above the 90th percentile compared to local PMET salaries for sector by age then 20 points, 65th to less than 90th percentile is 10 points and blow 65th percentile then zero point.



Fewer than 25 PMETs then the application will score 10 points by default. At least 25 PMETs, your points will depend on the share of your candidate’s nationality among your organization’s PMETs. Less than 5% is 20 points & 25% or more is zero.



Top 100 universities based on QS World University Rankings, and other highly-reputed universities in Asia & Singapore’s Autonomous Universities gains 20 points, foreign bachelor’s degree assessed in the UK system gains 10 points.

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