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Eligibility Criteria
Toss-Ex complete recruitment solution provides from interview stage to hire an employee who might not be the best fit for the job. We at Toss-ex know people waiting to get employed. We help you find the right employee . We would understand your business needs and work with the candidates. To find out who would be the most committed and skilled person to suit your needs. We know passive job seekers from various fields, including Oil & Gas, Technology etc.
Eligibility Criteria
We known to reduce paperwork, costs, and workload on our clients’ part. Apart from lifting the burden off your back, there are plenty of benefits of outsourcing to us.

We cover the employee’s:

  • Medical expenses
  • Insurance
  • CPF
  • Immigration
  • Payroll
Eligibility Criteria

  • No necessity to sponsor visas
  • No hassle of immigration and related paperwork
  • Qualified talent professionals in all industries
  • Singaporean are most efficient work force if you hire the right resources
  • Well acumen with culture, language and commitment

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IT Outsourcing
Managing IT investments and projects can be a hassle especially for small companies. Hiring IT network and infrastructure engineers can be both expensive and invaluable. As such, outsourcing your IT applications or infrastructure to us will beneficial, as we can help manage your IT network or infrastructure without having to go through the hassle of employing someone just for a short term.

With reduced costs and paperwork, you can focus on enhancing your potential and value of your projects. Our engineers would be set over regularly to perform the most basic to the most comprehensive checks to ensure your IT infrastructure would not hinder your performance.

Payroll Outsourcing
Managing your employees’ payroll can be a daunting task. Companies face plenty of problems when managing their payroll by themselves. Once you outsource your payroll to us, however, you will not need to focus on managing your payroll but rather enhancing your potential.

Benefits of outsourcing to us:

  • Leaves and expenses taken into account
  • Employees paid on time
  • We make sure you are following MOM rules and guidelines
  • You will receive a comprehensive and detailed payroll report at the end of the month
Human Resource Outsourcing
Many companies struggle to meet their goals and targets as they are unable to fully focus on maximizing their potential. They have to manage their Human Resources (HR), which is what keeps the company running in the first place. Employing can be a hassle, as companies spend time and money to hire an employee, who might not be the right fit for the job. Once you outsource your HR to us, however, you can find the most suitable candidate for that position, as you would be able to browse through a larger database. Your focus would be on working towards your goals while our focus would be on ensuring a stress free HR management.
Recruitment Process

Our inherent strength direct candidates contacts through new media which helps us to source the passive job seekers and instant in house databases search tools which leverage for quick retrieval. Our focused local & foreign resource targets the project needs.

  • For each requirement we adhere different strategy
  • Dedicated recruiter work on your requirements
  • Professional attention is assured within same day.
  • Additional resource deployed based on business expansion.
  • Recruitment support – The candidate may assume great degree of control of the process with our support in establish platform, proven methodology, subject matters expertise and professional network.
  • Win-Win collaboration – In exchange for providing the passive job seekers.



  • Preliminary Discussion
  • Recruitment plan Preparation
  • Provide “proof of concept” for your requirement.
  • Engage in Social Media
  • Effective data Management
How do we source our candidates?

In the modern world, conventional advertisement, print media, and similar forms of media have proven to be ineffective in finding the right candidates. Passive job seekers are a rare find on such forms of media. The solution to this problem? Social media. We at Toss-ex constantly engage in the resources through various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter etc. We contact them personally, to find out what they specialise in, and their strengths. We then match them with the appropriate companies. This is a win-win situation for both the candidates and our clients.

Our customers

We mainly target companies in the Aviation, Financial Technology, Oil & Gas and similar fields. Our clients want to expand their businesses beyond their capacity, which is where we come in. We help expand our clients’ businesses without them having to worry too much about costs and administrative issues. When there is a demand, we provide the necessary supply. Only when supply meets demand is there success. We provide you with the necessary resources and services to enhance your company’s growth.

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